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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Buffalo, NY

Let's face it, other than our families, there's probably nothing we're more passionate about than our motorcycles. We work long hours to keep it running and looking as good as it can. The laws governing motorcycle accidents are different than those involving automobile accidents. At The Kantor Law Firm we also work long hours pouring over casebooks, doctors' notes and arguing with insurance companies about the value of damaged lives. We don't stop until we get the settlement you deserve. Since 1990 we have been working hard every day at protecting motorcyclists rights. So, when we're on our cycles, let's enjoy our riding experiences. But if you're ever hurt in an accident, call us. Your bike is your passion, your case is ours and we will provide you the representation you deserve.

We Ride With You

As motorcyclists we are out there enjoying the open road. We are active members of the AMA, ABATE, MRF, and HOG. We have supported and sponsored many events and charities in the Western New York and Rochester areas.

Personal Protection Card - Do You Have One?


As attorneys that ride, we have developed the Personal Protection Card. We want to provide our brothers and sisters as much protection as possible, as we watch over our own.

This card offers free benefits including: Free initial consultation, Free 24-Hour Toll-Free Help Line 1-877-SKANTOR, Free representation for motorcycle damage claims. If your bike has been damaged and the insurance company has quoted you a repair amount you disagree with, contact us, we'll help negotiate your damage claim for free. Personal protection card holders also are eligable for a $1000 Hit and Run Reward. The Kantor Law Firm is committed to bringing irresponsible drivers to justice. When a person is victimized by a hit and run, we offer a $1,000 reward to any Personal Protection Card holder who provides information that leads to a conviction of the criminal.

Lastly we offer a $1,000 Bike Theft Reward If your bike is stolen, The Kantor Law Firm will pay a $1,000 reward to any Personal Protection Card holder who provides information leading to a conviction of the individuals who stole your bike.

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- As personal injury lawyers, we listen to your emotional, physical and financial concerns, getting the answers and results you deserve.


- Here are some organizations we are affiiated with:
  • RTLA
  • AMA
  • acre
  • msrf
  • abate